Have you seen the government’s star witness in the Martin case, Rachel Jeantel? She’s no Hannah Arendt, as The Smoking Gun reports. Excerpt:

In mid-April, Jeantel–whose Twitter profile photo is captioned “Ms. Diamond”–noted, “Shit always happen when u doin Gud wit life .last year I had to deal wit people dyin n I’m tired of all those shits makin me not think right.”

On April 21, she wrote, “I do not know if I want to be a homicide detective u got to tell the family they love one died n shit they crying n shit oh lord I dnt kno.”

In posts over the past ten days, Jeantel seems to be preparing for her turn on the witness stand at the Zimmerman trial. On June 16, a list of seven items she posted included the notations “3.get ready for count” and “4.deal with the bull come with it.” It appears that she misspelled “court” in the first item. She also wrote, “7.I’m going need a lot of drinks for dis summer oh lord.”

Last Thursday, Jeantel tweeted, “Plz plz lord dnt make me start next week.” On Friday, she linked to a photo of numerous liquor bottles from a tweet that reported, “16 months er wowww I need a drink.” Later that day she wrote, “CNN and HLN is killing me bro.” Both cable networks have been offering extensive coverage of the Zimmerman case, which concluded jury selection last week.

In a post Sunday, Jeantel wrote “Court nails” and included a link to a photo (seen at right) showing fingernails with fresh orange polish.

On her Facebook page, Jeantel uploaded a photo Sunday showing an empty bottle of Hennessy cognac, along with the caption, “Last drink for the week long ass week too.” According to her Facebook profile, Jeantel attended Miami Norland Senior High School and has “studied criminal justice at Miami University.” As for where she works, Jeantel reported, “My mama n daddy do all the work I just spend it.”

The New Yorker says, of the 19-year-old high school senior:

The two days that Jeantel spent on the stand—she began testifying Wednesday afternoon and finished Thursday afternoon—were often difficult to watch, and only partly because of the details she gave about the final moments of Martin’s life. Her appearance, diction, size, and intelligence were an unspoken but all-encompassing part of the proceedings. She wandered verbally sometimes, struggled to articulate what she was thinking. When the defense attorney Don West handed her a transcript of her own testimony and asked her to read part of it back, there was a lacerating silence. She pored over the page, but never actually recited the words. Thursday morning, she confessed to literacy difficulties, and to having needed assistance in writing a letter to Martin’s mother that’s been entered into evidence.

Plus, she lied under oath in a deposition.

Here’s a clip of her saying repeatedly that “creepy-ass cracker,” which she now claims Martin called Zimmerman in his phone call with her, is not a racist remark, or offensive:

The Zimmerman defense lawyer questioning Jeantel is Don West. He made himself look like something less than Atticus Finch in his opening statement to the jury. You have to see this to believe it:

A man is on trial for killing another man, and his lawyer starts his defense by telling a knock-knock joke.

This really happened! You’d think that feeling it necessary to preface a statement to a jury by asking them not to hold it against one’s client if they don’t find it funny would be a pretty good signal not to say what you’re about to say. But not for Don West, who’s funny, all right, but not ha-ha funny.

Ah, Florida…