Baton Rouge, Louisiana

That’s the Crunchy Con Dauphin enjoying a quesadilla at the only Chipotle in Baton Rouge today. You will notice that he has a copy of “The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” open next to him. We apparently have a genetic defect in our family, such that on ordinary occasions, we cannot consume food without reading at the same time.

We went there for lunch after liturgy. Your Working Boy had the barbacoa burrito without rice. Chipotle, if you ask me, is the best fast-food joint in the country, and I was thrilled to have my first Chipotle meal since we left Pennsylvania in December. I was thinking today while eating my super-delicious Chipotle lunch that the food situation in the US is one of the things that has grown unambiguously better over the course of my lifetime. By “food situation,” I mean the choice and quality of food. When I was the Dauphin’s age, on the fast food front, you had not-so-hot burgers (McDonalds, Burger King), fried chicken, and pizza. Exotic meant Taco Bell. It’s so much better now, in every category, from fast food all the way up the ladder. And it’s getting better.

Of course, having tastier and healthier food available is not the same thing as actually eating it… .