Are you watching TV now? An extremely powerful tornado (possibly an F5, the worst category) hit suburban Oklahoma City and flattened — I mean flattened — an elementary school. A second elementary school in the area may have also been hit. A reporter speaking on CNN from the scene has a very shaky voice; at least one of those schools was full of kids. The reporter said that eight-inch thick cinder block walls were completely obliterated.

Basically, the worst. Dear God. An elementary school full of children. Maybe two of them, we don’t know yet.

Honestly, dear readers living in Tornado Alley, I don’t know how you do it. I used to live there, in Dallas, and days like this absolutely terrified me. CNN reporting some spotters saying this tornado was two miles wide. There are no words.

UPDATE: Watching CNN showing pictures of what looks like a building that … you can’t really tell what it was. A pile of wreckage and twisted metal. “This is an elementary school,” the anchor said.