Well, this is depressing, but exactly as I feared:

It’s testament to either the genius of Hergé or the limitations of computer graphics – or more probably both – that two dots of ink from a Belgian cartoonist’s pen can express more wit and artistry than £82 million of the best 3D special effects Hollywood can conjure.

I love Tintin; the colors are so vivid, and the lines so singularly beautiful and alive. I mean, just look. When I heard they were doing a 3D computer animated version, I thought: Why? At least half of the joy of Tintin comics is the aesthetic pleasure of Herge’s artwork. A Tintin movie in Herge’s style would have been one for the ages. I’m guessing that if you don’t know the Tintin graphic novellas, the movie will look impressive (trailers here). If the movie sends more kids (and adults) to Herge’s original work, good.

Sometimes, more is less. I hate 3D movies, for example. They give me a headache, and make moviegoing gimmicky. I hope they go away. Meh.