Man, was that a great game, or what? My knees are still weak. Open thread.

UPDATE: It is hard to overestimate how much LSU fans despise Nick Saban, the Alabama head coach, and erstwhile LSU head coach. In that way, this victory against Bama is personal. How satisfying it is to read this column from a disgusted sports columnist for the Birmingham (Ala.) News. Excerpt:

The clock kept ticking with about 90 seconds left in regulation. LSU had been stopped on third down with the game tied, Alabama had two timeouts left, and Nick Saban let the clock keep going.

Tick, tick, tick.

The latest so-called Game of the Century had featured bone-rattling defense with countless missed scoring chances for Alabama. And now Saban was letting the No. 1 vs. No. 2 showdown head to college football’s version of penalty kicks, a roll-the-dice chance where the best kicker normally wins.

Saban was really going to play for overtime? Saban was really going to put the game in his offense’s hands inside the 25-yard line, where LSU stiffened and Alabama faltered all night? Saban was really going to trust his kickers when LSU had the more reliable kicking game?

Yes, yes and stunningly yes.

All together now!

UPDATE.2: The first one who tut-tuts about how “un-Christian” this gloating is gets Drew “The Pride of Lafayette” Alleman’s foot up his posterior. 

UPDATE.3: In all seriousness, Les Miles’s postgame comments to the ESPN report were a model of grace and magnanimity toward the defeated worthy opponent. As well he should have been: Alabama pretty much outplayed LSU.