Really, Anthony Weiner? Really?:

Mr. Weiner, appearing solemn and a bit worn as he faced more than 100 journalists amid the cubicles in a vacant Chelsea office, acknowledged that his habit of sending sexual images and texts to female fans had continued for more than a year after he left Congress vowing to seek treatment and change his behavior.

“It’s in our rearview mirror, but it’s not far,” he said.

The revelation collides with the narrative Mr. Weiner has offered throughout the campaign, in which he has repeatedly suggested that he has spent his time since leaving Congress rehabilitating himself and repairing his family relationships. After a late entry into the race, he had rapidly risen in the polls, and performed strongly in fund-raising, as his relentless focus on ideas and his omnipresence helped ease the concerns of many voters.

On Tuesday, he pleaded with the public to trust his assertions that he is now a changed man, despite the news that his online adventures had continued through last summer.

And: Really, Huma Abedin? Really?

Anybody in New York who votes for this pathological rascal after all this deserves what they get.

On the positive side, I cannot wait for the New York Post cover tomorrow, to see what they do with this bit of, er, low-hanging fruit.

UPDATE: Here we go. Thank you, newspaper gods, for the New York Post: