So, get this: Paula Deen, in career free-fall over her alleged racism, reaches out to Jesse Jackson, asking him to save her. I’m sure she was preparing to make a big donation to Rainbow/PUSH in exchange for the Rev. Jackson’s services sound pastoral advice, because that’s how that usually goes with the Revvum. But maybe not. In any case, Jackson said something humane and decent about her:

Well, good for him. Imagine that: somebody in American politics showing mercy and humanity, and giving someone a break. He told HuffPo that he’s more concerned about serious issues affecting the black community than he is about the Deen affair.

This is what Jackson’s gesture got him from the cultural left, mostly, it appears, from blacks. I can’t post any of those tweets here — too profane. One black tweeter says the wrong man died on that Memphis balcony. That’s about par for the course — black people calling Jesse Jackson a “house nigga,” and saying he ought to have been killed. Scum of the earth, these people. They hate Paula Deen so much that they’re willing to talk like that about Jesse Jackson. Hate is really the coin of the popular culture realm, isn’t it?