You have to work a little to find detailed US election information from overseas (which is one of the reasons Julie and I have been so happy having spent the last month of the campaign abroad). I just checked in on Gallup, and I see that Romney is up among likely voters by seven points. 

That’s pretty amazing. Question to the room: what am I missing? What’s going on, to put Romney up so far so close to the election? Help a brother out. Watching it from afar, it seems to me that Romney’s big win in the first presidential debate made all the difference. Any incumbent president with an economy this bad would face an uphill battle to re-election, but people were just not sold on Romney. It looks like he cleared the “okay, he’ll do” hurdle in a major way in that first debate, in such a way that Obama’s victories in the second two debates didn’t really matter. That is, it appears that people were looking for a reason to vote against Obama, and once Romney gave them one, that was that.

But what do I know, I’m out of the country (coming home this weekend, woo-hoo!). You tell me.