Win it for Bear, win it for the SEC, win it for the South. Just win it, you magnificent sumbitches. Roll, Tide, roll!

UPDATE: Second quarter, 21-0, Alabama. Oh yeah!

UPDATE.1: Bryan Curtis from Grantland, on the SEC chant:

When I first heard the chant, I was sitting in the Rose Bowl with a Mangino-sized scowl on my face. My Texas Longhorns had gotten their legs (and arms) broken by Alabama. Crimson Tide fans — thousands of them in white button-downs and khaki pants — were hugging each other and laying their cheers on us: “We’re gonna beat the hell out of you!” That’s when I heard the chant. “S-E-C! S-E-C! S-E-C!”

These guys cheer for the whole conference? Yup, they do. As the Tide and their pals won five straight national championships, something happened to modern SEC fandom. The SEC fan roots for his school, of course. But he also roots for his conference, and, in an interesting, New South kind of way, his whole region. The thing historians used to call southern exceptionalism — and its first cousin on its mother’s side, southern solidarity — has been channeled into a football fight song. Chanting “S-E-C!” is the last polite way to root for the South.

Watch it below. Notice that when the LSU Tigers won the 2007 National Championship, the team — white guys, black guys both — chanted “SEC! SEC!” on national television. I wish it was us tonight, not y’all, ‘Bama, but y’all are representing us all down here very, very well. Thank you, gentlemen.:

UPDATE.2: Notre Dame grad and friend of this blog Conor Dugan is a Catholic man of great, even heroic, faith. He asserts on his Facebook page just now:

Right now the Tide is dominating. Absolutely asserting its will. This is where ND wants to be.

Because three days from now, the Fighting Irish will rise from the dead and win the national championship? Heh, heh, heh…