Re: the subject line, you don’t often see those words together, but The Browser provides perhaps the only extant case. This is worth a look.

UPDATE: It’s not whimsical, but it’s still pretty funny to imagine, as SNL did last night, how the bro network, Spike TV, would handle “Downton Abbey.” Watch:

UPDATE.2: Dang, the clip was taken down from the site. Oh well. It was the funniest thing that was ever on television, and if you missed it, your life will never be as good as it otherwise would have been. Nothing left to do but drive to Lafayette and eat yourself to death at Johnson’s Boucaniere. As hung over as I was all day from the meat-a-palooza yesterday, what did I eat for dinner tonight? Was it the salad in the fridge? No. Was it the chard? No. It was smoked ribs, over rice. And God help me, it was the best thing I’ve had all year.