Finally, somebody I know is famous for good works: my old high school classmate Alan Walter is a superstar bartender in New Orleans. The new Southern Living has a big feature on him. I’m basically a gibbering fanboy, and had to take a photo of the spread to show you. If you happen by the Loa bar at the International House Hotel, you’ve got to go see Alan. Last month I saw him at a dinner party, and he mixed a fantastic concoction involving rosemary, infused syrup, and fresh-squeezed blood orange juice. Too bad the magazine feature isn’t online yet; reading it, and learning about the art and craftsmanship Alan puts into his work, will make you want to get over to the bar straightaway. If you go, tell Alan you want him to make you a Stan Powell Special, and make him tell you the story about the practical joke he played on his high school administration with the RPF forms.