Look at that. Great, huh? A friend in town invited me to come over to harvest some Meyer lemons from the tree in her yard. I brought back a grocery sack bulging with the glorious fruit, and a right arm scratched up from sticking my hand into the thorny bush. That photo is from the big pile o’ lemons on my kitchen counter. Man, I love me some Meyer lemons. Ever had a whisky sour made with Meyer lemon juice? How about a punch made with Meyer lemon juice, dark rum, simple syrup, and sparkling water? It’ll put winter in its place, that’s for sure (though we can’t really be said to have had a winter here in Louisiana, not this year; the air conditioner is running in my place as I type this).

I went to bed early last night, and when I woke up this morning, I saw that Julie had packed some of the lemon bounty into jars with kosher salt, to preserve them. By the time Lent is over, they’ll be ready to be chopped up into chicken dishes, tagines, and the like. I’ve never cooked with preserved lemons before, but I’m eager to do so.

Anybody in this blog’s readership ever cook with preserved lemons? What do you do with them? Anybody here like to cook with Meyer lemons? I found a recipe for a Meyer lemon cream pie that uses no dairy, only silken tofu. Perfect for Lent.