My poor friend The Mighty Favog is tortured by his home state of Louisiana. He loves it and he hates it and he just can’t quit it, even though he lives in the Midwest. We provide such entertainment for him about the human condition. Last night he brought me news of our state’s most dynamic and exciting municipal politician, Deedy Slaughter, the new mayor of the town of Port Allen, across the Mississippi River from Baton Rouge.

Slaughter was elected in November, and since then, she has brought a certain flair to city government. Some party poopers have filed a recall petition against her, because they just can’t handle her bold governing style. According to the Baton Rouge Advocate, the haters are all up in her business about:

  • Hiring her brother-in-law, Ralph Slaughter, for a nonpaid chief of staff position.

  • Litigation over her alleged wrongful termination of the city’s chief financial officer, Audrey McCain.

  • A running debate over whether she should have boosted her own salary by $20,000 a year to $84,960 annually.

  • Asking taxpayers to cover the cost of her $2,500 trip to Washington, D.C., to attend President Barack Obama’s inauguration.

Now, the city attorney has resigned, and Mayor Slaughter, after having taken away the CFO’s ability to write checks, issued herself a direct deposit, in apparent violation of procedure, and maybe even the law. Whee!

Print reporting cannot bring you the full glory of Mayor Deedy Slaughter in action. Go to Favog’s blog for more. Follow Deedy before this glorious new political talent tragically flames out. Let this report from a Baton Rouge TV station (watch to the end) whet your appetite for her Ciceronian oratory, which includes the immortal phrase: “I been witch hunt since Day 1. I been fighting acquisitions after acquisitions.” 

I do love my state, but sometimes I think the reason Louisiana exists is so the rest of America won’t have to feel so bad about itself.