I had a visit today from Stephen Stirling, a friend and reader of this blog who lives in Franklin, Louisiana, and who is responsible for some of the best Views From Your Table we’ve ever had (like this one). Stephen had with him some spoons he carved out of found wood. He gave two of them to us, and they are so, so beautiful. I can’t imagine using them to cook, but that’s what he wants us to do.

I asked for permission to photograph Steve and his spoons and put them on the blog. If you want one of these spoons, drop me a note at rod (at), and I’ll pass it on to Steve, and put you in touch. Trust me, you want one of these spoons.

Steve asked me the question that’s on every reader of this blog’s mind: “You ever met Charles Cosimano?” No, I said, I haven’t yet had that pleasure. Here’s the next best thing. 

UPDATE: Wow! Read Natalie Baszile’s terrific piece about Stephen’s spoons.