So, I just got home from a nearly five-hour book club meeting. The group was about seven or eight Louisiana Catholic women who had read The Little Way Of Ruthie Leming, and wanted to talk about it. I can’t begin to tell you how much fun I had. There was serious talk, and there was funny talk, and it was all so, so Louisiana, and so, so Catholic. Two of the women there were James Carville’s sisters. We got into a theological discussion at one point, and one of them, Pat, got very animated, and said, “I hate to copy off my brother’s line, but it’s really true: It’s the Eucharist, stupid! That’s the whole deal right there.”

Lord, I love this state. I honest to God do. What great, great people these ladies are. We talked about the book, about Ginger Snap the town drag queen, about family, about cancer, about heartbreak, and all kinds of things. And we drank lots of wine. When it was over, they stood and we held hands and prayed for everybody, and for Ruthie’s soul. I left thinking, these are sure enough my people. And I love them. I called my mom and dad on my way over to the meeting and told them where I was going, and they got all emotional. My dad, choking back tears, said, “You tell them how much it means to us that they’re doing this.” And I did. People are so good here, and I just needed to say that before I go to bed tonight.