And now for some good news. A reader sent me this today:

I thought I would share this with you because it reminded me a little bit of what you wrote about in The Little Way of Ruthie Leming.

My grandmother has been in the hospital for 3 days so far two of them in ICU. She might be getting out today. But so far all of this has been done for my family while remaining anonymous.

My yard, my parents yard, and my aunt and uncle’s yard have been cut, edged, and weedeated.

My pool has been cleaned and chlorinated.

My grandmother’s house was cleaned, bills paid. I find the bills paid odd because my grandmother is a very wealthy woman.

Food has been brought, neighbors have stopped by the hospital, and people have volunteered to sit with her through the day so we could attend to work. (That did not happen with 3 sons she and 5 grandchildren she has had more than enough company that was family but we also allowed those who wanted to to stick around.)

I even had my oldest friend guess my Amazon password and check me out some books off my wishlist and bring them to hospital so I would have something to read while there. She works at a library so she has access to plenty of books.

Just writing this list has brought me to tears again. Even if my business folded and my wife lost her new job I would not leave this area. I would just find another job. It is instances like this that reinforce this feeling.

Sam M. sent this the other day,
about an order of French nuns, some of whom have Down Syndrome, and others of whom are vowed to care for their sisters with Down’s. Excerpt:

In 1990, the group was canonically recognized as a public association by the Archbishop of Tours. The Sisters now reside in a priory in Blanc, where they model their lives after St. Therese of Lisieux’s “Little Way”. A leaflet published by the community explains:

We follow every day the “little way” taught by Saint Therese; knowing that “great actions are forbidden to us”, we learn from her to receive everything from God, to “love for the brothers who fight”, to “scatter flowers for Jesus”, and to pray for the intentions entrusted to us.