So says Pete Wehner. Excerpt:

And this can be–it actually is–an intellectually interesting moment for the GOP and conservative movement, which are engaged in fairly searching and healthy re-examinations. More needs to be done (Ross Douthat explains why here). Still, reactionary liberalism seems to me to be exhausted and unequipped to address the problems of the 21st century. Which means on the national level the Republican Party and conservatism will have their chance again. When it comes, readiness will be all.

I’ll know that the GOP is on the road to meaningful rethinking and reform when something like the Democratic Leadership Council, the late-Eighties reform group that formed after Mondale’s defeat, and later produced Bill Clinton and the New Democrats, emerges on the Right. That is, when the inchoate reformist impulses you see on the Right take on an institutional form in Washington.