Just got back from my overnight trip to Dallas. I spoke today at the Highland Park Presbyterian Church, about The Little Way Of Ruthie Leming, and what happened after the book ended. Had a great dinner with the host committee last night, and a terrific time with the folks at the church today. Good crowd, too — over 200 people, including some of you blog readers. Thanks for coming out. I was telling my wife about how great it was to be in Dallas again, and how wonderful it is to be reminded about how special Texans are. It’s like walking into the first sunny day of the spring. I finally said flat-out to Julie, “My position is pretty much that if you don’t like Texas, something is wrong with you. Texas judges you.”

In the half-hour of free time I had, I slipped over to my favorite place in Dallas, Central Market. Above is the store on Lovers Lane. Didn’t have time to get over there, but my friend did run me by the newest CM, in Preston Royal. It’s in what was a Borders when I lived in Dallas. I was so excited to see the new store! To me, it’s like seeing a church plant pop up. I’m only slightly kidding. I love that place. The reason I went today is that I told a new friend I made at dinner last night that I hoped to get by there before heading back to the airport so I could pick up some CM flour tortillas, which are the best in the world. No Dreher can pass through Dallas without bringing back as many of them as possible.

“Have you tried the mitad & mitad ones yet?” she said.

The what?

“It’s something CM came up with. They’re a mixture of corn flour and wheat flour. They’re really good.”

Wait … what? Corn flour and wheat flour? I called Julie when I got back to the hotel last night and asked her if she had ever heard of such a thing.

“No,” she said. “You better not get off that plane in Baton Rouge without a bunch of them.”

So, I acquired a bunch of them, and let me tell you — well, see for yourself, in this video clip of Your Working Boy trying his first mitad & mitad tortilla.

Lord have mercy! I wasn’t sure whether or not to eat it or put it in a monstrance! Why did nobody think of this before? It’s like those combinations that are so obviously fantastic it shocks you that nobody knew it all along. Gin and tonic, say, or the children of Elvis Costello and Diana Krall. People of Texas, if there is a Central Market within driving distance, and if you know what’s good for you, rush right out and get yourself some mitad & mitad tortillas.

As long as Texas bears in its bosom such divine institutions as Willie Nelson, smoked brisket (got some at DFW), big-hearted church people, and Central Market, the rest of the world can go to hell, but I’m always going to go back to Texas.