Sometimes, I am happy for the big, broad Atlantic. Like, now, for instance, reading about a campaign in Britain to provide prostitutes for the disabled. Look:

King [a 35 year old disabled man who hired a hooker to lose his virginity] found his sexual surrogate online, through the TLC Trust, a UK organisation that seeks to connect people with disabilities to sex workers. According to its founder, sex therapist Tuppy Owens, each of the 100 sex workers listed on the website could be seeing around eight disabled clients a month. “Finding a sex worker who will talk, teach, accept … is a bit of a boost of confidence and self-esteem,” she says.

Tuppy Owens, sex therapist. O land of Wodehouse, you rarely disappoint! More:

Becky Adams, who describes herself as a former madam, runs a not-for-profit, telephone-based service supported by TLC, and says she receives about 12 inquiries a week from disabled and vulnerable people looking for a trusted sex worker. She plans to open the first brothel designed for disabled clients in the UK next year. She says she wants to provide an environment in which people with disabilities can explore their sexuality. “That can be sex,” she says, “but also having a cuddle. It could even be someone having an hour cross-dressing who wouldn’t normally have the privacy to. I’ve been overwhelmed by the response we’ve had.”

How did Britain ever call itself civilized before it had whorehouses where disabled weirdos can cross-dress in peace? But the UK sadly lags behind the progressive Netherlands:

One of her clients, Chris Fulton, 29, who has cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy, has launched a campaign calling on the government to introduce a Netherlands-style grant scheme in which citizens with disabilities receive public money to pay for sexual services up to 12 times a year.

Taxpayer-funded prostitutes to assure one’s monthly allotment of orgasms?

Look, by no means am I making fun of the sexual desires of people with disabilities. What I am making fun of is a society so degenerate and erotomaniacal that people actually endorse the idea that it’s morally licit to hire prostitutes to shag disabled people. Indeed, we are told that it’s a legitimate function of organized charity — or, as in the Netherlands’ case, a duty of the welfare state.

Philip Rieff wrote that we have thrown away our old culture for a nihilistic one built on fulfilling desire, and with it worship of “the superiority of all that money can buy, technology can make, and science can conceive.” Yep.