This is an epic rant from John Mark Reynolds, a lifelong Republican and Ted Cruz voter who is fed up with his party. I’m going to give you some excerpts, but you really should read the whole thing. Here we go:

Do not comfort me by pointing out that the other major party is worse, one cannot praise one’s team with stronger damns for the other. I need not love the policies of the Democratic Party to castigate the present state of my own team. At her worst the Democrat Party is impious, improvident, and imprudent.

Sadly, the Republican Party is often made up of hypocritical high-rollers with delusions of godhood.

The danger is that the horrific incompetence of the opposition party, my party, is allowing harm to be done to our nation. I know workers about to become unemployed over the provisions of Obamacare. Our ineffectiveness is inexcusable, because lives and liberty are at stake.


The two evils besetting the Republican Party are tearing her apart. First, we have ideologues who will not compromise in order to govern. They will try any far fetched scheme, pander to any delusion of the Party crowd, in order to advance their agenda. It does not matter to them if they govern, so long as they are pure.

Such Utopianism is the antithesis of conservatism. An ideologue is willing to do more practical harm than real good just so he can make his case, especially if a television camera is nearby. He is the evangelist to the converted with the  fruit such sermonizing always brings: failure of which they are proud.

Every fight is an Alamo in their minds, but after the defeat our leaders never get to San Jacinto. They bring us to another crushing defeat and so most of these fights are unjust wars. Christian ethics teaches that a just war must be winnable. If there is no chance to win, then we must retreat, or even surrender, to fight another day.


I am not a Democrat, because I am pro-life, pro-marriage, and pro-free markets, but a pro-life, pro-marriage, pro-free market party that will not make the case for these values, is inarticulate in the face of opposition, or chooses apocalyptic thinking over long term strategy is also unworthy of a free man’s vote.

Slow clap! Read the whole thing. If you are a conservative, you will be glad you did.