You gotta see conservative ambush artist Jason Mattera jumping Bono to ask about the singer’s allegedly hypocritical tax dodges. Why is this such compelling video? Because the guy Mattera attacks is not actually Bono, only a man who vaguely looks like him (he looks more like George Michael than Bono, actually). Conservative commentator Mark Judge rolls his eyes. Excerpt:

Jason Mattera got fooled by a bad Bono impersonator.

And in doing so, he set back the cause of us conservatives who love popular culture and are attempting to write and speak about it with some intelligence. To mistake the doofus who was pretending to be Bono with the real one is like thinking Pat Robertson is Jesus. And frankly, I am sick and tired of conservative antipathy towards and ignorance of popular culture. Who wants to be part of a movement that neither knows nor cares about art?