This just in from our friends across the border:

Only hours after students installed a “Free Speech Wall” at Carleton University to prove that campus free speech was alive and well, it was torn down by an activist who claimed the wall was an “act of violence,” against the gay community.

What kind of vicious invective did some fascist student or students write on the Free Speech Wall? This:

In truth, the wall’s only overt references to sexual orientation were pro-gay, such as “QUEERS ARE AWESOME,” “Gay is OK” and “I [Heart] Queers.”

The only comment that verged into anti-gay territory was a scrawl reading “traditional marriage is awesome.”

It burns! It burns! I love this part:

Fortunately, the board remained surprisingly civil, featuring a number of personal greetings such as “I love my clitoris!!” as well as a few campus political standards like “Obama Murders with Drones” and “Harper is a douche.”

A phrase reading “Abortion is murder” spawned complaints, said Mr. CoKehyeng, but also a string of scrawled counter-arguments.

So, according to some students at Carleton University, it is permissible to declare one’s love for one’s love giblet, and it is welcome to accuse the US president of being homicidal, and the Canadian prime minister of having the qualities of a vaginal hygiene product. But opposing abortion is speech that ought not be free.

Got it.

Arun Smith, the gay activist nitwit who tore down the wall, justified his vandalism in an unintentionally hilarious Facebook rant. Excerpt:

In organizing the “free speech wall,” the Students for Liberty have forgotten that liberty requires liberation, and this liberation is prevented by providing space for either more platitudes, or for the expression of hate.  Further, to organize for this “wall” to be erected during our Pride Week, where our communities are supposed to be able to seek liberation and celebrate our diversity, is offensive, ill-considered, and dangerous.  The theme of this year’s Pride Week is UNAPOLOGETIC, inviting us to refuse to apologize for who we are, and the erecting of this “wall” is but another in a series of acts of violence against we who are forced every day to try and justify who we are, to try and justify our humanity and our being deserving of respect, dignity, and consideration.

We are supposed to be creating safe(r) spaces for ourselves, and for other students, but there can be no safe(r) spaces where there is potential for triggering, the invalidation or questioning of the identities of others, and/or the expression of hatred.

You will not be surprised to learn that this young scholar is majoring in Human Rights and minoring in Sexuality Studies. He is in his seventh year of undergraduate studies, which is probably a good thing, inasmuch as the longer he remains at university pursuing such fraudulent courses of study, the longer he remains off the job market, which works to the great advantage of customers at Canadian fast food restaurants, who have gained more time to enjoy their burgers and fries without being verbally molested by future cashier Smith.

Anyway, a gay Canadian conservative rolls his eyes at all this:

“Only someone who had gone to university could write something so utterly stupid,” said Fred Litwin, the Ottawa-based creator of the blog Gay and Right, in reference to Mr. Smith’s Tuesday morning Facebook post.

“Free speech is free speech … and I just wish these people would get a life.”

The Canadian reader who passed this link along added:

And I thought my alum here in super-leftie British Columbia was the go-to place for five to seven year undergrad degrees (if this fellow went to my university to study human rights, he’d practically be required after his fifth year to be working for the mandatory-student-funded, anti-everything think tank that survives in a dank corner of the student union offices).

I can’t believe this isn’t some sort of parody of how university activism in this country works. Actually, I can. This is Canada.