Not good news for the Fox News Channel:

With January complete, Fox News has completed 11 straight years of being number one in cable news in both primetime and total day. That said, the network saw significant ratings declines in January–particularly in the pivotal adults 25-54 demographic–though its perch remains unthreatened for now.

Liberals shouldn’t be pleased, necessarily. Fox is still No. 1 in cable news. What I’d like to know (but don’t have time to look up right this moment) is how is the overall viewership for cable news doing. Is the audience constant, only shifting to MSNBC and CNN? Or is it declining overall?

I never watch cable news, and rarely watch network news. It’s not for ideological reasons. Rather, I get my news almost entirely online, except for when I’m driving, and listen to NPR. True, I do look at the websites for Fox, CNN, and the networks, but that’s not the same thing as sitting down to watch the show. I’m 45, and I associate Fox-watching with my parents’ generation — it’s always on over there — and the demographics research bears that out.

What do you think?