Lo, I did not think I would live to see anything like this:

On an afternoon in May, 34 protesters breached the locked doors of the administration building at the University of Chicago and dashed upstairs to the fifth-floor lobby of the president’s office. Sprawling on chairs and on the floor, equipped with food and chant sheets, they settled in for a long sit-in. The protesters, who were mostly students, demanded, among other things, a “living wage” for campus workers, more accountability from the campus police and disinvestment from fossil fuels.

It was part of a school year of student demonstrations across the country, often tolerated or even celebrated by members of the faculty or administrators. But this one was different: Days later, the student body president, Tyler Kissinger, who had allowed the protesters into the building, was threatened with expulsion the day before graduation.

Kissinger knew what he was doing:

On the day of the sit-in, Mr. Kissinger got past security by saying he was on official business as student body president. He hid in a bathroom for a few minutes, he recalled, then used his backpack to prop open a door so everyone else could get in.

… Mr. Kissinger, whose mother is a food service worker at Wake Forest University, said he let the protesters into the building because he thinks that the university should be an open place, run in a collaborative way. “I think students, faculty and staff should have uninhibited access to administrators on their campuses, administrators who are making decisions about their lives,” he said. “So I kind of reject the premise that an administration building should be locked and cordoned off.”

Read the whole thing. These SJWs don’t seem to think they should have to pay a price for their activism — and in most schools, they have not. I hope the University of Chicago hangs tough. Expel one, teach a thousand.