Funnily enough, two different people posted two different stories in the comments section, titling them “Dreher bait,” within a few minutes of each other. I’m not going to post links in the comboxes to stories that are off topic, but well, they kind of are Dreher bait. Here ya go.

1. A Seattle library says adult patrons should be able to watch hardcore porn in full view of everybody else. This is not constitutionally required of them. The state Supreme Court ruled that public libraries can censor hardcore porn if they want to:

“A public library has traditionally and historically enjoyed broad discretion to select materials to add to its collection of printed materials for its patrons’ use,” the opinion said.

“We conclude that the same discretion must be afforded a public library to choose what materials from millions of Internet sites it will add to its collection and make available to its patrons.”

“A public library has never been required to include all constitutionally protected speech in its collection and has traditionally had the authority, for example, to legitimately decline to include adult-oriented material such as pornography in its collection. This same discretion continues to exist with respect to Internet materials.”

So why would the Seattle public library go to bat for patrons being perverts in public? Because these librarians are so open-minded and liberal that their brains have fallen out.

2. Two gay teen brothers (well, one openly gay, the other uncommitted, but Gawker is making crap up), the sons of a billionaire and a supermodel. It sounds like Falcon Crest for the Twenty-Teens — but it’s real life.  Peter Brant Jr. seems like a horrible person, but I say that only because he describes himself as a “socialite” and swans around with a cigarette holder. Alas, I have nothing to say about this, but I enjoy it being brought to my attention, in an Ignatius-at-the-Prytania way. So, thanks, Dreher baiter!