Does it ever end?:

General Motors said on Monday that it would recall 3.36 million defective cars worldwide, another low point in the seemingly endless safety crisis that has engulfed the nation’s largest automaker.

Once again, the problem had to do with keys that could suddenly turn off engines and deactivate air bags — a problem similar to the deadly defect that G.M. failed to address for more than a decade before it began recalling 2.6 million small cars in February. G.M. has linked at least 13 deaths and 54 crashes to that defect.

The announcement came two days before Mary T. Barra, G.M.’s chief executive, is scheduled to appear before a House subcommittee investigating the small-car defect.

The story goes on to say that GM has made “dozens of recalls” since February. Get this:

A House subcommittee on Wednesday is to focus on the cultural shortcomings of the company, many of which had supposedly been addressed when G.M. overhauled its management team and board of directors in the wake of its 2009 bankruptcy and $49.5 billion government bailout.

“What I’m wanting to know is what are they going to do to break this culture?” said Diana DeGette of Colorado, the ranking Democrat on the Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.

I thought General Motors was supposed to have had a comeback. That it’s bankruptcy and all its problems were in the past. Guess not. Ain’t no way I’m buying a GM car, ever. How could you trust them?