Addie Zierman says these are five “churchy” phrases that turn of Millennials. I don’t know if they turn off Millennials in particular, but they do grate. Especially this one (the commentary is Zierman’s):

“God will never give you more than you can handle.”

This paraphrased Mother Teresa quote has become so commonplace in Christian culture that I was shocked to learn that it wasn’t in the Bible.

Inherent in this phrase is the undertone that if life has become “more than you can handle,” then your faith must not be strong enough. We millennials may be a bit narcissistic, but we also know the weight of too much.

We understand that we need help. Connections. Friendship. Sometimes therapy.

We know that life so often feels like entirely too much to handle. And we want to know that this is okay with you and with God.

Amen, yes. I hate this phrase, and this concept. It compels you to think that if you feel overwhelmed by something, you had better be strong, because the omniscient deity knows that you can withstand it. Maybe the truth is you cannot handle it alone. Would you look at someone screaming in pain from a broken arm and say, “Buck up, brother. God will never give you more than you can handle”? Of course you wouldn’t; that would be sadistic. So why tell that to the grief-stricken widow, the parents whose child has just died, the mom diagnosed with cancer?

Do you have Christian or other religious catchphrases or concepts that get on your nerves for a serious reason? Let’s hear them, and your explanation of why.