I’ve never done this kind of thing before, but a member of this community is in a serious jam, and needs your help. Charles Featherstone, who wrote this great piece about how love rescued him from extremism, has finished Lutheran seminary and is waiting on a call to pastor a church. He and his wife are suddenly in a bad place with housing; a drunk and violent neighbor moved in, and it’s recently gotten too dangerous for the Featherstones to stay there. They’re looking for a safe, affordable place to rent in the Chicago area for the next two months, while the call process sorts itself out. Can you help? Drop me a line at rod (at) amconmag.com, and I’ll pass it on to Charles.

UPDATE: Gang, I’ve been in New Orleans working all day, and just got home to find about 15 e-mails from kind readers offering help. I’ve forwarded them all to Charles Featherstone just now. It kind of gets to me, emotionally, to know that there are such generous readers in this blog community. I feel bad for the belligerent drunken neighbor; Uncle Chuckie is putting on his helmet and sending out psionic blasts his way.