JPod is sick and tired of the stupidity of the GOP presidential field. Excerpt:

This is a serious time. It requires serious leaders. Where’s the gravity?

The reason that many on the Right have spent the year hunting somewhere, anywhere, for better candidates to challenge President Obama is becoming ever more plain with each passing day.

He then does a quick tour of the ridiculousness of Cain, Perry, and Romney. The country is in the worst shape it’s been in since the 1970s, and yet this lot is the best the GOP can come up with? It’s a stunning failure. The Cain boom is the thing I really can’t get my mind around. The man is an affable clown, and has never been anything but a clown. He makes Ross Perot seem like De Gaulle. Yet he’s topping the polls among GOP primary voters. This is a serious time. It requires serious followers. Where’s the gravity?