Hey! It’s Friday afternoon, and it’s hotter than hell here in south Louisiana, and I’m drinking the 80-Acre Hoppy Wheat beer from Boulevard brewery in Kansas City. You can’t get it in Louisiana, but my wife was in Texas recently, and she brought me back some. To me, it’s the perfect summer beer. It’s light and crisp, but also perfectly bitter, from the hops, which give it personality. I like beer, but I don’t drink a lot of it. I could drink this all day. It’s that good — and Boulevard’s Single-Wide IPA is equally delicious. (The Westmalle glass I brought back from Amsterdam; it’s the best glass imaginable from which to drink beer).

Blessed are they who can go down to the store in their city and buy beers from Boulevard!

Tell me, beer drinkers, what’s your favorite summer brew. Why?