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The Sarah Palin Who Might Have Been

Reader Richard sends this comment: I remember corresponding with you when John …

Posted May 1st, 2014

Mark Levin’s Full-Throated Tribal Yell

Somebody will do a Ph.D thesis in political science one day on …

Posted April 30th, 2014

Baptism As Torture: Une Petite Histoire

As we ponder Sarah Palin’s applause line “waterboarding is how we baptize …

Posted April 29th, 2014

The Pro-Torture Palin Populists

Rod is no conservative . He’s as phony as David Brooks . …

Posted April 28th, 2014

The Sacrilegious Sarah Palin

Comparing waterboarding to baptism should appall Christians most of all.

Posted April 27th, 2014

Embracing The ‘Stupid Party’ Label

Scott Galupo, reflecting on Sarah Palin’s lame-o theatrics at CPAC: What message …

Posted March 18th, 2013

SPLC Vs. Sarah Palin: Media Hypocrisy

Man, M.Z. Hemingway is on fire over the very, very different treatment …

Posted February 7th, 2013

That’s All From Sarah Palin

So, Sarah Palin and Fox News Channel have parted ways.¬†¬†That’s the end …

Posted January 25th, 2013