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And Now, Ryan Lizza

We don’t know what he is accused of doing, or who is accusing him, or even if it happened in the workplace — but the New Yorker fired him anyway

Posted December 11th, 2017

Glengarry Glen Mooch

Anthony Scaramucci, the face — and the mouth — of the Trump White House

Posted July 27th, 2017

‘The Revolution Is At Hand’

Trump hits new highs in national polling. This thing really is happening

Posted January 26th, 2016

Mr. Helpmann & The GOP

  The brilliant Terry Gilliam film Brazil, set in a dystopian future Britain, …

Posted February 26th, 2013

The Hispanic Thing Really Is A GOP Problem

Immigration is not one of my top concerns, but if you ask …

Posted November 15th, 2012