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Trump As Republican Apocalypse

Trump unveils the truth about conservative bigs and their Napoleon Complex

Posted January 28th, 2016

Why Rush Should Meet the Bunk

Limbaugh would be surprised by how socially conservative Wendell Pierce is

Posted September 21st, 2015

Ebola & The Culture War

The wisdom or unwisdom of public health measures does not depend on whether or not they are good for Rush Limbaugh or the GOP

Posted October 13th, 2014

Limbaugh: Liberalism Killed Robin Williams

What would we do without Rush Limbaugh to bring perspective to public …

Posted August 12th, 2014

Cruz-ing Off The Cliff

How did that shutdown strategy work out for Republicans? From USA Today: …

Posted October 22nd, 2013

Rush Limbaugh Explains The GOP Defeat

Wonder what the base is saying to itself? Here’s Rush Limbaugh today, denouncing …

Posted October 16th, 2013

Rush Limbaugh: The GOP’s Charlie Sheen

You have seen the NBC/WSJ poll results showing that the manufactured crises …

Posted October 11th, 2013

Detached Frank Luntz Vs. Engaged Frank Luntz

Frank Luntz told a class at Penn that Rush Limbaugh and Mark …

Posted April 30th, 2013


I’ll just never stop finding it funny listening to Rush Limbaugh lament …

Posted March 29th, 2013

Two Lines Tell The Story

“Conservatism, in my humble opinion, did not lose last night. It’s just …

Posted November 7th, 2012