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Chait, Meet Law of Merited Impossibility

The march through the institutions by cultural Marxists

Posted January 29th, 2015

Come Quickly, Thermidor

The threat the Loony Cultural Left poses to liberals — and to us all

Posted January 28th, 2015

Je Suis Porky

‘No pictures of bacon for you, kiddies!’ says Oxford University Press

Posted January 14th, 2015

Matthew Franck Sorts Out Marquette

First Things writer: No heroes in Marquette controversy, only blunderers

Posted December 18th, 2014

Rotherham, Political Correctness, & The Rape Of Common Sense

Police and politicians turned a blind eye to violent, sexist racism.

Posted August 27th, 2014

Children Raped, Thanks To Political Correctness

A jaw-droppingly evil story from the UK.

Posted August 26th, 2014

Political Correctness As Suicide Pact

A New Zealand reader sends this short piece by Russian-born Dmitri Orlov, …

Posted May 22nd, 2014

Portlandia Sharia: No Way To Live

A reader alerts me to an ongoing saga from Portland. It seems …

Posted April 5th, 2014

France Loses Its Grip

Y’all have sent me a couple of great articles about France’s travails. …

Posted April 2nd, 2014

Andrew Sullivan Is Being Smug And Naive

Andrew Sullivan, who like me works from home, and who unlike me …

Posted March 7th, 2014

Brown Student: ‘Don’t Stereotype Us’

From the mailbag: I am a current student at Brown University, a …

Posted November 2nd, 2013

Brown: An Ivy League Kindergarten

In the aftermath of a student mob refusing to let New York …

Posted November 1st, 2013

Swarthmore: Where Not To Send Your Kid To College

Want to know how much it costs to attend Swarthmore College for …

Posted May 13th, 2013

Racism: Crime Of The Century

German Reader draws attention to an appalling story from the UK: a …

Posted February 19th, 2013

Politeness Vs. Political Correctness

An Evans-Manning to Glaivester, who, in the “Tyranny Of The Offence-Takers” thread, …

Posted December 11th, 2012

Tyranny Of The Offence-Takers

Via Steve Sailer, here’s a really interesting analysis of competing modes of …

Posted December 10th, 2012