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Al Franken And Uncle Roy

Pop culture’s leading lights from the 1970s are likely to have a lot to answer for

Posted November 16th, 2017

Good Father/Bad Father

A Daytona Beach father walked in on Raymond Frolander, an 18 year …

Posted July 22nd, 2014

Bishop ‘Not Sure’ Child Molestation A Crime

In the clip above from a recent videotaped deposition, released today, Robert …

Posted June 10th, 2014

Are Pedophiles People Too?

Longtime readers know that nothing makes me angrier, faster, than pedophilia and …

Posted September 7th, 2012

Pedophiles Entitled To One ‘Get Out Of Jail Free’ Card, Says Priest

The eminent Roman Catholic priest and psychologist Father Benedict Groeschel, who heads …

Posted August 30th, 2012

How Pedophiles Con People

Sam Wilkinson has an interesting perspective on the Jerry Sandusky/Penn State disaster: …

Posted July 13th, 2012