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The Mideast Deluge

Things are going from bad to worse in the Middle East: But …

Posted January 5th, 2014

Christmas Among Persecuted Christians

It’s Christmas Eve, and I’m about to get started with the Christmas …

Posted December 24th, 2013

Prince Charles: Christianity SOS

The Prince Of Wales is a friend to Islam — rather more …

Posted December 18th, 2013

TV Ruins Local Culture

An Evans-Manning Award For Great Comment to commenter Mohammad, who posted this …

Posted October 21st, 2013

Obama’s St. Petersburg Stop On Road To Damascus

I’ve been at meetings today, and am just getting home to see …

Posted September 6th, 2013

Their World, Not Ours

Andrew Sullivan links to a video recently shot outside of Cairo, depicting …

Posted July 16th, 2013

Victory For Liberal Hawks

Andrew Sullivan says Obama is weak, crazy, and feckless for intervening in …

Posted June 14th, 2013

Romney-Bashing Missing The Point

I defer to Daniel Larison’s harsh criticism of Mitt Romney’s campaign tack …

Posted September 13th, 2012

Islam, the Mideast, & Liberal Democracy

Egypt may yet have a democracy, but will it be liberal democracy …

Posted June 26th, 2012