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Anti-‘Suicidality’ Bigots At Stanford

A document released by student government provides a glimpse inside the university’s mindset

Posted January 26th, 2017

Was That Bad Mothering?

Disability rights advocate Rachel Cohen-Rottenberg says that Liza Long, the woman who …

Posted December 18th, 2012

‘Do Something’? Well, What?

As more information about Adam Lanza’s family comes out, we’re learning that …

Posted December 18th, 2012

She Is Adam Lanza’s Mother

Please read this heartbreaking essay by Liza Long, a single mother who …

Posted December 16th, 2012

Newtown: A Ghastly Sign Of Progress?

Writing from the UK, reader Roger McCarthy points out that one reason …

Posted December 16th, 2012


From the New York Times this morning: Mr. Lanza, 20, then drove …

Posted December 15th, 2012

Mental Illness and Criminality

This evening I watched a TV news report on James Holmes, the …

Posted July 23rd, 2012