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Found In Translation

What Jhumpa Lahiri learned about herself through learning Italian

Posted December 1st, 2015

Losing the Language of Christianity

The Benedict Option as a ‘nest’ to preserve the dying ‘language’ that is Christianity

Posted March 30th, 2015

The Dead Speak A Dead Language

Joseph Luzzi reflects beautifully on what was lost when his immigrant father …

Posted June 26th, 2014

Why Do Some Languages Sound More Beautiful?

Bernd Brunner, a native German speaker, is unhappy that so many people …

Posted March 11th, 2014

Why Learn French?

Linguist John McWhorter doesn’t see the point of studying French anymore. There …

Posted February 3rd, 2014

Language Makes Culture, Culture Makes Language

The Dante translator John Ciardi wrote this little poem as a reflection …

Posted January 13th, 2014

Language, Literature, & The Genie’s Wish

I’ve finished reading a review copy the Cambridge scholar Prue Shaw’s forthcoming …

Posted December 30th, 2013

No Such Thing As Bad English?

Yale’s Grammatical Diversity Project is examining regional deviations from standard American English, …

Posted August 9th, 2013

The Miracle Of Hebrew

John Podhoretz is in Israel, and reflects on the miracle of Hebrew’s …

Posted August 7th, 2013

North, South/Black, White

Commenter “K” left this on the Paula Deen thread. I thought it …

Posted June 25th, 2013

To Fall In Love With Another Language

A lovely meditation by Ta-Nehisi Coates on studying French abroad as a …

Posted May 23rd, 2013

The Dog Of His Day

From an interesting interview with Sam Garrett, an American living in Amsterdam …

Posted March 31st, 2013

Losing Your Language

Today in the grocery store I ran into Madame L., a French …

Posted December 1st, 2012

‘Homophobia’ No Longer Exists

… in the Associated Press Stylebook, anyway. An AP official explains:  “Homophobia …

Posted November 29th, 2012

Brits, Southerners, & the ‘Please’ Divide

Peter K. sends linguist Lynne Murphy’s post about the difference between the …

Posted August 20th, 2012

The Language Instinct

From Robert Lane Greene’s “Five Books” interview on The Browser: On to …

Posted July 10th, 2012