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Our Friends the Free Syrian Army

What a US journalist learned about Syrian fighters from his captivity among them

Posted October 29th, 2014

ISIS, Abu Bakr Naji, And Applied Qutb

Writing in the WaPo, Terrence McCoy discusses how ISIS’s savagery — e.g., …

Posted August 12th, 2014

Opening The Gates Of Hell In The Mideast

Patrick Cockburn says we have done it. Excerpts: The main victor in …

Posted August 11th, 2014

‘Don’t Mention The (Holy) War!’

The NYTimes reports that there are objections to a seven-minute documentary planned …

Posted April 23rd, 2014

Maaloula Has Fallen To The Jihadists

The ancient Christian village of Maaloula has fallen: Rami Abdurrahman of the …

Posted September 8th, 2013

Personalism As Anti-Jihad Strategy

Abraham Kuruvilla, who recently obtained his Master’s degree in Defense and Strategic …

Posted May 27th, 2013

Jihad Decapitation In London

Two Islamist terrorists decapitated a British soldier in the streets of London …

Posted May 22nd, 2013

Ah, The Free Syrians

Patrick Cockburn reporting from Damascus: It is one of the most horrifying …

Posted December 19th, 2012