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The Spiritual Value of Material Culture

Visiting Italian churches leads an irreligious American lawyer to a conclusion that surprises him

Posted December 28th, 2015

Found In Translation

What Jhumpa Lahiri learned about herself through learning Italian

Posted December 1st, 2015

What Sentimental Humanitarianism Won’t See

The hard practical problems of integrating Muslim migrants to Europe

Posted September 8th, 2015

Deep France

Traveling in a land and among a people steeped in grace and tradition

Posted July 7th, 2015

Onda, Baby

In which I pick a contrada to back at the Palio

Posted June 30th, 2015

Cooking St. Catherine’s Goose

That time the Sienese saint failed her contrada

Posted June 30th, 2015

Francis & the Camp of the Saints

Europe’s migrant crisis — and the papal remarks about it — recall 1973 novel

Posted June 18th, 2015

‘Opzione Benedetto’ Turning Up All Over

A real conversation — an international one — is underway

Posted June 3rd, 2015

Happy 750th Birthday, Dante

In his homeland, Dante is still a rock star

Posted May 22nd, 2015

View From Your Table

Trastevere, Rome, Italy

Posted April 16th, 2015

View From Your Table

Sulmona, Italy

Posted March 24th, 2015

View From Your Table

Monti Sibillini National Park, Norcia, Umbria, Italy

Posted March 15th, 2015

The NotMaybe-So-Great ‘Beauty’

Dead souls in the Eternal City

Posted March 9th, 2015

View From Your Table

The great James C. is on the road again. He decided to …

Posted March 7th, 2015

Italians: A Crazy Love

A new book criticizes and celebrates the rolling carnival that is Italy

Posted January 20th, 2015


In St. Benedict’s hometown, high in the hills of Umbria

Posted October 8th, 2014


Mass, the Uffizi, and vespers in the Duomo: the undeserved gift of Florence

Posted October 5th, 2014