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Trump, Clinton, And Twilight America

Deploying an army of stars in the nation’s darkening skies

Posted October 26th, 2016

The Tragedy of Trump

What will be with Hillary Clinton in the White House, and what might have been if Trump had not been a nut

Posted October 24th, 2016

How Should A Vexed Conservative Vote?

For Trump? For Clinton? Or for a third party. David Frum makes the best case for all three

Posted October 22nd, 2016

We Can’t Stand Too Much Justice

Nancy French on the 2016 election through the eyes of a sexual abuse victim

Posted October 21st, 2016

The Soul Of The Clinton Machine

Wikileaks makes even more manifest what has been obvious all along: that there is no soul

Posted October 21st, 2016

Beyond Trump & Clinton

These dreadful candidates deliver a ‘good shock of pain’ that ought to dissolve our illusions

Posted October 20th, 2016

O Ye Men Of Intemperate Minds

Yes, Hillary Clinton is awful. But conservatives don’t dare embrace Trump’s paranoia

Posted October 20th, 2016

Trump Disqualifies Himself

GOP nominee threatens to reject the legitimacy of the election. Yes, he really said that

Posted October 19th, 2016

The Disuniting States Of America

The fruits of a decadent and incompetent leadership class — and things ain’t so great with the followership class either

Posted October 14th, 2016

Voting Vengefully

Choosing Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton to rub the Other’s face in their arrogance

Posted October 12th, 2016

Unbelievably, Trump Won

How on earth did Hillary Clinton not put him away tonight? She’s truly an awful candidate.

Posted October 9th, 2016

Anti-Trump Hypocrites Of The Left

Trump is a total sleaze. But then, they all are

Posted October 9th, 2016

Hillary Dreams Of ‘Open Borders’

More bad news from the worst US presidential election in history

Posted October 7th, 2016

Trump To Catholics: ‘I’ve Got Your Back’

On religious liberty, candidate draws stark contrast with Hillary Clinton

Posted October 7th, 2016

The Atlantic Endorses Clinton

But does it matter to anybody favorably disposed to Trump? Do newspaper and magazine endorsements matter at all anymore?

Posted October 5th, 2016

‘One Magnificent Chance’

Donald Trump: A man with no unexpressed thoughts

Posted October 2nd, 2016

The Madness Of King Donald

The unbearable cost of a Trump victory

Posted October 1st, 2016