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The Crises We Don’t See

Climate change, ISIS, and the West’s civilizational crisis

Posted July 9th, 2015

Climate Change & Tragedy Of The Commons

Noah Millman has responded to my post about the futility of fighting …

Posted May 14th, 2014

In Defense Of Global Warming Futility

I caught hell from some of you readers for heavily doubting that …

Posted May 13th, 2014

Don’t Invest In Beachfront Property

Or, alternatively, why my great-great-grandkids will have beachfront property if they just …

Posted May 12th, 2014

CO2: The Point Of No Return?

Grim news from climate scientists: The level of the most important heat-trapping …

Posted May 10th, 2013

It’s Just A Flesh Wound

People who believe that the spike in global temperatures over the last …

Posted March 9th, 2013

Anti-GM Environmentalist Repents

This, from Mark Lynas, a leading UK anti-GM crops campaigner, is something: …

Posted January 7th, 2013

‘Magical Thinking?’ Tu Quoque, David Remnick

New Yorker editor David Remnick says Obama needs to make dealing with …

Posted November 14th, 2012

Melting Down

Don’t look now, but…: Sea ice in the Arctic shrunk a dramatic 18% this year …

Posted September 20th, 2012