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Posts tagged “Elizabeth Scalia”

A Lutheran on Mount Athos

What a Protestant pilgrim to the Orthodox holy mountain learned on his journey

Posted June 23rd, 2015

Dear Gay CEO: Hire Brendan Eich

Elizabeth Scalia challenges an openly gay CEO to hire Brendan Eich for …

Posted April 4th, 2014

The Brave Monks Of Kiev

Via Elizabeth Scalia, here’s a story, with astonishing photos, of Orthodox monks …

Posted January 28th, 2014

Yes & No On Gay Marriage

Elizabeth Scalia explains exactly how I, as an Orthodox Christian, think and …

Posted June 18th, 2013

Lake Wobegon Reaganism

A somewhat odd column from Elizabeth Scalia about the 2012 election contains …

Posted November 13th, 2012

Suburban Apocalyptic

Longtime readers know that I have a fascination with the apocalyptic and …

Posted August 29th, 2012