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The Awfulness Of Fraternities

It will shock, shock you to learn that I wasn’t in a …

Posted February 21st, 2014

Another Victory For Unreason

This time, at a college in London.  A Catholic speaker was prevented from …

Posted November 2nd, 2013

A Millennial Who Will Make It

This morning I was working in a Starbucks when I struck up …

Posted September 26th, 2013

Against High School Literature

I meant to blog on Lee Siegel’s recent jeremiad about the way …

Posted August 12th, 2013

Does Your College President Care About Debt?

Collin Garbarino links to a video intending to scare college students out …

Posted May 8th, 2013

The University As Resort

The NYT reports that many US colleges have built fancy facilities, and …

Posted December 14th, 2012

Ten Points Off For Being ‘Discriminatory’

Alan Jacobs draws attention to a “civility clause” a Canadian college professor …

Posted November 13th, 2012

Back To School, Suckaz!

Walter Russell Mead addresses the young’uns at college. He teaches college, and he …

Posted September 5th, 2012