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Trump’s Silence

Abortion ruling? Religious liberty decision? ::::Crickets::::

Posted June 28th, 2016

Falwell, Fallen

An icon of the moral state of the old guard Religious Right

Posted June 21st, 2016

Evangelicals Split On Trump

The big pow-wow in NYC today between Donald Trump and old-guardĀ Evangelicals highlighted …

Posted June 21st, 2016

Trump Is Nearly Broke

Brother, can you spare a dime for the GOP presidential nominee?

Posted June 21st, 2016

Trump Campaign Dumpster Fire

With enemies like himself, who needs Hillary?

Posted June 16th, 2016

Donald Trump, Loser

He failed repeatedly in Atlantic City, and left others on the financial hook

Posted June 13th, 2016

Trump As GOP Comeuppance

Who lost the Republican Party?

Posted June 10th, 2016

Trump’s Personal Jesus

The candidate witnesses to Moralistic Trumpapeutic Deism

Posted June 9th, 2016

Beat Up Trump Supporters, Says Leftist

An update from the Center Is Not Holding file

Posted June 8th, 2016

Trump’s Identity Politics Audacity

He uses the Left’s identity politics strategies against them

Posted June 8th, 2016

Trump The Untrustworthy

He was for US intervention in Libya before he was against it

Posted June 6th, 2016

Trump & The Left’s Identity Politics

Hate Trump’s crude racial appeals? The Left has been doing this for ages

Posted June 3rd, 2016

Anti-Trump Mob Runs Amok

San Jose thugs attack peaceful rallygoers. Whose country is it, anyway?

Posted June 3rd, 2016

If By ‘Gulag’, You Mean Irrelevance

On the comic self-importance of the American writer declaiming on the nation’s political life

Posted June 2nd, 2016

Trump As Tribal Leader

He’s what happens when white people start applying the Left’s diversity rhetoric and categories to themselves

Posted June 1st, 2016

Latino SJWs For Trump

How undisciplined left-wing protesters are helping their enemy’s campaign

Posted May 28th, 2016

Mohammad Goes Trump

Interventionist liberal NYT columnist causes Iranian man to join Team Donald

Posted May 17th, 2016