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At The American Conservative, our goal is to shape the ideas that will set the agenda for the next generation. Our paid internship program does that by launching groundbreaking careers in political journalism. We offer real experience across all the moving parts of a digital-first media organization. Interns become instant players on a small team dedicated to reestablishing principled, reality-based conservatism: conducting research and writing blog posts, contributing headlines and story ideas, managing our social media presence, devising new strategies to meet target audiences, and participating in editorial meetings. We've trained some indispensable young thinkers over the years, and now — with your support — we hope to sustain and build on this program for our most promising young talent. Will you help?

Here's what some of our former interns have said about their experience with us:

“During my internship at The American Conservative, I was pushed to produce real, quality journalism. I benefitted from some of the best professional guidance I'd ever received and, most importantly, was given the opportunity to be published. My experience at TAC was not only a valuable learning experience, it literally launched my writing career.”
— John Glaser,

 The American Conservative was an ideal place for me to begin my journalism career in Washington D.C. The staff encouraged me to write articles, conduct interviews, and attend events while also providing valuable feedback that made me into a better writer. Too often young aspiring journalists are thrown into newsrooms without the guidance, advice, and support that helps develop young journalistic talent. The American Conservative is a welcome exception to this trend, and I count myself very lucky to not only have worked there but to have also collaborated and kept in touch with its staff since leaving.”
— Matthew Feeney,

 “My internship at TAC was instrumental in launching my career in journalism. The editors there take time to mentor and work with interns on developing their own voice. Unlike other DC internships, TAC never encouraged parroting Beltway conventional wisdom or tired ideology, but fostered a fresh and innovative approach to political and cultural commentary. In this sense, it's not an internship for the faint-hearted—but for aspiring young writers who find the old left-right spectrum outdated, it's a godsend."
— Lewis McCrary, The National Interest

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