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Davos Man Meets Donald Trump

The lights are burning late in Davos tonight.

At the World Economic Forum, keynoter Joe Biden warned global elites that the unraveling of the middle class in America and Europe has provided “fertile terrain for reactionary politicians, demagogues peddling xenophobia, anti-immigration, nationalist, isolationist views.”

Evidence of a nationalist backlash, said Biden, may be seen in the third parties arising across Europe, and in the U.S. primaries. But set aside Joe’s slurs—demagogues, xenophobia.

Who really belongs in the dock here? Who caused this crisis of political legitimacy now gripping the nations of the West? Was it Donald Trump, who gives voice to the anger of those who believe themselves to have been betrayed? Or the elites who betrayed them?


Can that crowd at Davos not understand that it is despised because it is seen as having subordinated the interests of the nations and people in whose name it presumes to speak, to advance an agenda that serves, first and foremost, its own naked self-interest?

The political and economic elites of Davos have grow rich, fat, and powerful by setting aside patriotism and sacrificing their countries on the altars of globalization and a New World Order.

No more astute essay has been written this political season than that of Michael Brendan Dougherty in The Week [1], where he describes how, 20 years ago, my late friend Sam Francis predicted it all.

In Chronicles, in 1996, Francis, a paleoconservative and proud son of the South, wrote:

[S]ooner or later, as the globalist elites seek to drag the country into conflicts and global commitments, preside over the economic pastoralization of the United States, manage the delegitimization of our own culture, and the dispossession of our people, and disregard or diminish our national interest and national sovereignty, a nationalist reaction is almost inevitable and will probably assume populist form when it arrives. The sooner it comes, the better.

What we saw through a glass darkly then, we now see face to face. Is not Trump the personification of the populist-nationalist revolt Francis predicted?

And was it not presidents and Congresses of both parties who mired us in wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Yemen, and negotiated the trade deals that have gutted American industry?

The bleeding of factories and manufacturing jobs abroad has produced the demoralization and decline of our middle class, along with the wage stagnation and shrinking participation in the labor force. Is Trump responsible for that? Is Socialist Bernie Sanders, who voted against all those trade deals?

If not, who did this to us? Was it not the Bush Republicans and Clinton Democrats?

Americans never supported mass immigration. It was against their will that scores of millions, here legally and illegally, almost all from Third World countries, whose masses have never been fully assimilated into any western nation, have poured into the USA.

Who voted for that?

Religious, racial, cultural diversity has put an end to the “bad” old America we grew up in, as we evolve into the “universal nation” of Ben Wattenberg, who once rhapsodized, “The non-Europeanization of America is heartening news of an almost transcendental quality.”

James Burnham, the ex-Trotskyite and Cold War geostrategist whose work Francis admired, called liberalism “the ideology of Western suicide.” If the West embraces, internalizes and operates on the principles of liberalism, Burnham wrote, the West will meet an early death.

Among the dogmas of liberalism is the unproven assumption that peoples of all nationalities, tribes, cultures, creeds can coexist happily in nations, especially in a “creedal” nation like the USA, which has no ethnic core but rather is built upon ideas.

A corollary is that “diversity,” a new America and new Europe where all nations are multiracial, multiethnic, multicultural, and multilingual, is the future of the west and the model for mankind.

Yet, large and growing minorities in every country of Europe, and now in America, believe that not only is this proposition absurd, the end result could be national suicide. And when one considers the millions who are flocking to Trump and Sanders, it is hard to believe that the establishments of the two parties, even if they defeat these challengers, can return to same old interventionist, trade, immigration, and war policies.

For Trump is not the last of the populist-nationalists.

Given his success, other Republicans will emulate him. Already, other candidates are incorporating his message. The day Francis predicted was coming appears to have arrived. Angela Merkel may have been Time‘s Person of the Year in 2016, but she will be lucky to survive in office in 2017, if she does not stop the invasion from Africa and the Middle East.

Yet Joe Biden’s dismissal that it is reactionaries who oppose what the progressives of Davos believe is not entirely wrong. For as Georges Bernanos wrote, when Europe was caught between Bolshevism and fascism:

To be a reactionary means simply to be alive, because only a corpse does not react any more—against the maggots teeming on it.

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose From Defeat to Create the New Majority. [2] Copyright 2015 Creators.com.

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16 Comments To "Davos Man Meets Donald Trump"

#1 Comment By Kurt Gayle On January 22, 2016 @ 1:04 am

Pat is 100% right:

“Can that crowd at Davos not understand that it is despised because it is seen as having subordinated the interests of the nations and people in whose name it presumes to speak, to advance an agenda that serves, first and foremost, its own naked self-interest? The political and economic elites of Davos have grown rich, fat, and powerful by setting aside patriotism and sacrificing their countries on the altars of globalization and a New World Order.”

Kudos to Michael Brendan Dougherty, too, for his brilliant essay in “The Week” calling our attention to the prophetic relevance of “From Household to Nation” written by Sam Francis 19 years ago:

“The economic interests as well as the cultural habits and ideologies of the Ruling Class drive it toward globalization – the managed destruction of the nation, its culture, and its people – while those of Middle Americans drive them toward support for and reinforcement of the nation and its organic way of life…”

“Middle American groups are more and more coming to perceive their exploitation at the hands of the dominant elites. The exploitation works on several fronts – economically, by hypertaxation and the design of a globalized economy dependent on exports and services in place of manufacturing; culturally, by the managed destruction of Middle American norms and institutions; and politically, by the regimentation of Middle Americans under the federal leviathan…

“‘I just think a lot of modern corporate capitalists – the managerial class basically – has no loyalty to any country anymore, or any particular values other than the bottom line.’” [Pat Buchanan, quoted by Sam Francis]

“…Globalization means the disappearance of nationality, of cultures closely linked to national identity, probably of national sovereignty itself, and even of the destruction of populations of which nations are composed. By signing onto globalization, then, the right has effectively metamorphosed itself into the left and forfeited the sole grounds of its appeal to the nationalism and social and cultural conservatism that continue to animate Middle Americans…”

2016 is the year that Middle Americans organize and fight back!

#2 Comment By Lee On January 22, 2016 @ 8:07 am

Indeed there is a new Right populist movement evolving, interacting, intersecting and creating alternative media for which to exchange ideas unifying individuals in North America and Europe as a rapidly growing whole. Similar to the phenomenon Carl Jung wrote about at the beginnings of WWII…Wotan has returned and is on the move.

I wonder how many like me actively support the Trump campaign while giving money to Sanders? Seeing CNN’s most recent Iowa polls that place both of those candidates on top speaks to the power of the collective mindset.

Wouldn’t surprise me a bit to see civil wars, revolution or coups break out in Western nations within the next ten years, if the establishment somehow manages to sustain their pathological tomfoolery.

#3 Comment By Kurt Gayle On January 22, 2016 @ 9:17 am

@ Lee: Regarding your reference to “a new Right populist movement,” Samuel Francis made this interesting comment about “right” and “left”:

“The persistence of the division of the political spectrum into “right” and “left” has therefore served to prevent the formation of a distinct Middle American political consciousness and the emergence of a new identity synthesizing both the economic interests and cultural-national loyalties of the proletarianized middle class in a separate and unified political movement. But today and in the future this division will no longer obtain. Middle American political loyalties are ceasing to be torn between a left and a right that are increasingly convergent and indistinguishable. Aside from the ideological castration of the spokesmen of both sides in recent years, the main cause of the evanescence of right and left lies in the triumph of economic globalization.”

The statement that “Middle American political loyalties are ceasing to be torn between a left and a right that are increasingly convergent and indistinguishable” is of special importance in understanding the Trump phenomenon.

#4 Comment By JohnG On January 22, 2016 @ 10:50 am

Thank you and God bless you, Pat Buchanan!

I see myself as an (enlightened) libertarian, and I believe that individual rights include the right to an IDENTITY. Individual rights translate into the right of communities and nations to be precisely that – communities and nations!

If WE-the-people overwhelmingly wish to be Americans and share a sense of identity and solidarity that comes with it, that is our right. No elite, especially not the unelected self-appointed Davos crowd, has the right to mandate to us melting into some kind of globalist magma of humanity.

I love and care for people in Africa, Asia, and elsewhere, but it is my right to love and care for even more my fellow Americans, just because they are, well, Americans. And my neighbors, by definition closer and more important than others, no matter what the Davos crowd wants me to feel. Time to kick those parasites off our collective backs anyway.

#5 Comment By Robert On January 22, 2016 @ 10:54 am


Well, Mr. Buchanan did once refer to Bernie Sanders as his “favorite socialist” for forcing the Fed to admit its worldwide bailing-out activities.

#6 Comment By Banger On January 22, 2016 @ 11:58 am

Excellent points. The oligarchs want to diminish the power of the State, in whatever form it shows itself. This has been the lynchpin (sorry guys) of conservative politics for quite awhile, i.e., weaken government either through cutting funding or inserting opportunities for corruption which enrolled Democrats who cannot resist that particular stench.

These international oligarchs want to crush all political actors who wish to do good for their own people or tribe–this is why the hatred of Putin is so strong among the pro-establishment Democrats and Republicans. They want to make everything and everyone for sale at all levels of life so the aristocrats can get whatever they want any time they want it and quickly whether its a boat, a trophy wife, cocaine, child sex-slaves and so on.

Globalization has had its virtues, immigration and population movements had a period that was good, capitalism was an excellent agent of change and distributor of goods and knowledge–but for all those things their time has passed–it has all gone from virtue to vice.

I’m not a fan of Trump but I respect his movement and he is our first post-post-modern candidate and, at best, could be another Putin–standing up for his country, his culture (poor as it is) and using somewhat anti-democratic means if required. My preference is Sanders who is clear about who the enemy is and, if nothing else, is pointing in the right direction which is critical for our future and the future of our children.

#7 Comment By Montana Marvin On January 22, 2016 @ 12:13 pm

Just like the mega donors hedged their bets by corrupting both political parties, I have hedged my bets against their machine by donating to both Trump and Sanders. 15 years ago I wouldn’t have dreamed of supporting those two candidates, but as a voter I have been used and abused so long that I have been driven into their open arms.

#8 Comment By Majumder On January 22, 2016 @ 1:07 pm

“Is not Trump the personification of the populist-nationalist revolt Francis predicted?”


Donald J. Trump’s electoral success America is dependent on taking votes away from the Democratic Party in next November’s election.

However, William Frank Buckley, Jr.’s magazine The National Review already denounced Trump’s any electoral success by saying that Donald J. Trump incorporates Pat Buchanan’s failed isolationist ideas which will do irreparable and permanent harm to the Republican Party, from which America and the world will never recover if Donald J. Trump becomes president.

Republican establishment fears that Donald J. Trump’s ascendency in American politics will give Pat Buchanan’s conservative principles to play in American people’s minds and American voters will reject unrestricted open-border mass migration of foreign people into America and Donald J. Trump will start trade-wars with the People’s Republic of China and Japan!

#9 Comment By Lee On January 22, 2016 @ 2:24 pm

@Kurt Gayle “… political loyalties are ceasing to be torn between a left and a right that are increasingly convergent and indistinguishable.”

Thank you for bringing the Samuel Francis comment to my attention. I perceive the observation is spot on. The quote above is a foundation to the new Right mentality that has no loyalty to party affiliation, we are only loyal to our families, the folk, and whatever we must do to preserve the transnational tribe and our unique cultural identities.

The larger Middle Class expression of the Trump phenomena is I agree a similar and convergent expression or collective awakening.

#10 Comment By Otto Zeit On January 22, 2016 @ 3:38 pm

The Republican establishmentarians are in a panic. In the words of Ann Coulter, “Conservative pundits keep assuring clueless viewers that Trump is not a ‘real Republican.’ They seem not to grasp that most viewers are saying, That’s fantastic! Thanks for reminding me.”

#11 Comment By Nelson On January 22, 2016 @ 8:30 pm

Nationalism is the religion of endless warfare.

#12 Comment By Clint On January 23, 2016 @ 7:48 am

Eric Cantor, the Republican former majority leader in the House of Representatives, told a session at Davos that he doubted that Mr Trump’s candidacy would survive the primary elections that decide the Republican nominee. But then again, Mr Cantor lost his own supposedly safe seat in 2014 to the populist insurgent Dave Brat — which hardly suggests an infallible grasp of public sentiment.

Cantor’s another voter jettisoned GOP Washington Establishment Has Been,who was dethroned by Tea Party backed Dave Brat and can’t believe that Trump’s populist insurgency is also advancing to capturing The Presidency.

#13 Comment By EliteCommInc. On January 23, 2016 @ 8:52 am

” . . . principles to play in American people’s minds and American voters will reject unrestricted open-border mass migration of foreign people into America and Donald J. Trump will start trade-wars with the People’s Republic of China and Japan!”

Doubtful. But if he attends to his record, he will have a trade policy that does not give more than it gets.

And given the shady dealings among our financial institutions along with what appears to be the assistance of government there’s a good deal of review that needs to be done right here at home. Bad trade deals is not the only issue.

#14 Comment By the the On January 23, 2016 @ 2:11 pm

Globalization is nothing more than old time imperialism. They just put a smile on it.

Invading the Americas in 1492 is no different than open borders immigration policies today. In both cases there is a denial of the rights of native people to be secure in their native lands.

And when we import skilled labor from places like Sierra Leone which only has a handful of doctors who are we really helping? Notice how the regressive left completely ignores the harm done to foreign lands when we take their best and brightest. They never want to talk about that. Instead they say stupid things like “without immigration we wouldn’t have Apple”. They never stop and reflect that Syria, where Steve Jobs ancestors partly hail from, could really use an Apple. Couldn’t South Africa use a Tesla? Why is the regressive left allowed to go on talking about the wonders of immigration when they ignore the harm done to others?

#15 Comment By Kurt Gayle On January 23, 2016 @ 4:15 pm

@ Nelson, who said:

“Nationalism is the religion of endless warfare.”

Not if we view “nationalism” in the light of its actual meaning: “The belief that the interests of a particular nation-state [in this case, the United States] are of primary importance.”

If we as Americans exercise nationalism in that light – and exercise our true national interests — the exercise of those interests will lead us AWAY from war.

Look at the tragedy of recent American wars. Those wars were not based upon the US national interest, but upon the interests of certain special interest groups — both domestic and foreign –- special interest groups who lied to the American people about the need to go to war.

Those unnecessary wars have severely damaged US national interests in the Middle East and around the world — and have caused untold human suffering to Americans and to the people of the countries that we needlessly invaded – not to mention that these unnecessary wars cost us trillions of dollars that could have been spent at home for the betterment of our own people, the betterment of our own country.

Again, Nelson, the expression of US nationalism as an exercise of the US national interest will lead us AWAY from war.

#16 Comment By KD On February 4, 2016 @ 12:37 pm

Internationalism is the religion of endless police actions.