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The Absurdity and Joy of Being a Local Newspaper Reporter

What other job has you interviewing haunted house attendants and covering overturned potato trucks?

A Winter in Pennsyltucky

Our writer heads to her native coal country, where they still cling to guns and religion, and time ticks by unnoticed.

5 Tips to Make Your Office Christmas Party Better Than Vox’s

Don’t let Harvey Weinstein and the nannies in HR spoil it this year.

Stressed? Depressed? Cowboy Up!

Soul-sucking modern age is driving people ‘west.’

How Millennials Became ‘Generation Meh’

With nothing to rebel against, we’ve lost our edge.

Seceding From Public Education

Why not respect the fact that we live in a diverse nation, in which the outlooks and goals of our population are as different as the people who hold them?

Pour the Public Education Kool-Aid Down the Drain

Government meddling in education restricts creativity and innovation.