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Liberals Love Trump—When He Embraces Military Intervention

Commander-in-Chief is “presidential” only when he’s dropping bombs.

Washington’s Addictive Foreign-Policy Drug

Why economic sanctions don’t help anyone.

Mexican Drug Violence Only Getting Worse

El Chapo’s capture created a power vacuum, a ‘vicious’ power struggle.

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Why is Trump expanding the U.S. alliance with the Kingdom?

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Reporting on the Oval Office conversation is the latest salvo.

The Cost of Free-Riding

Why South Korea may come to regret its dependence on the U.S.

Don’t Start a New Cold War Over Syria

Assad is a brutal dictator, but removing him would create a dangerous power vacuum.

Jeff Sessions Is Rip Van Winkle on Drug Policy

Intensified enforcement of marijuana prohibition would be a tragedy.

Was Trump’s Threat to Prosecute Hillary a Dictatorial Impulse?

Democracies do occasionally put high-profile leaders on trial.

Washington Still Can’t Pick Foreign Clients

As Afghanistan’s corrupt president, Hamid Karzai, slinks away into retirement and Iraq’s hapless …

Congress Cries War

When hawks roost on Capitol Hill, even Canada isn’t safe.

Enlisting America

The president would like everyone to salute and obey.

How the Mideast Was Lost

Neither dictatorship nor democracy guarantees America’s interests.

America Alone

What ever happened to the Coalition of the Willing? By Ted Galen …

New War Order

How Panama set the course for post-Cold War foreign policy

United Colors of Democracy

That revolution looks great on you

United Colors of Democracy

That revolution looks great on you

What Russia Wants

Moscow is not bent on world domination, just regional influence.