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Music With Roots

Like the best of Bob Dylan, the lyrics of folk band Sun Kil Moon capture a sense of memory and place that’s missing from most pop music.

Why Are Women in Combat?

The Pentagon cares less about equal rights and more about maintaining recruiting for endless wars.

Drone Warriors

A documentary explores the consequences of our new way of war.

The Horror of Slenderman

Adults in a quiet Wisconsin suburb proved unable to stop the violence of two 12-year-old girls.

Return of the American Essayist

Mark Greif is a left-of-center public thinker who is radically accessible.

Living by War

For veterans, the atomized civilian world can be more disorienting than the close-knit realm of combat.

Bob Dylan, Troubadour

He’s a man outside of time.

A Reality TV Show of the War in Afghanistan

Discovery’s Taking Fire runs alongside Fat N’ Furious and Naked and Afraid.

Edward Snowden, Everyman?

Oliver Stone’s biopic is factually accurate, but honesty isn’t the same as objectivity.